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Teknocrat's group is a group of three companies, with a focus on Industrial Automation, Energy Conservation & Power quality. This focus has emerged from our core purpose of "Empowering industries to control their manufacturing process & utilities in an efficient way"

With a vast experience of more than 20 years, today, Teknocrat's group is a team of 145 motivated individuals with a spacious & impressive manufacturing infrastructure at Nashik & Mumbai. Two brands of Teknocrat's are India's recognised brands in respective fields

Noticeable features of Teknocrat's group are:

  • Value based organisation with core values : Learning, credibility & respect of individual
  • Customer centric vibrant process systems
  • World class manufacturing practices
  • One of the best HR practices resulting into motivated team

Because of above mentioned qualities, Teknocrat's group is being trusted for various products & services by reputed industry houses such as